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Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. in Sammamish keeps your property looking beautiful with expert exterior siding services. 

Every year property owners spend thousands of dollars sprucing up the interior of their homes and businesses. Interior renovations are an important part of ownership because they keep the living spaces updated and they keep the inside comfortable and stylish. One of the things that home and business owners neglect over the years is the exterior of their building including windows, roof, and siding. 

Instead of renovating just the inside of a structure, consider how important it is to do improvement on the exterior as well. Exterior components of the home protect it from rain, weather, and endless sunlight causing UV damage. When it comes time to increase the protection of a home or business, Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. has the skills and knowledge to help. 

Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. has over three decades in business specializing in exterior finishes. Exterior siding is one of their specialties and can help beautify and protect a home. If your siding is looking outdated or damaged, let our crews provide siding repair and installation service on your home or business. 


Why Choose Cobalt Exteriors?

Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. is the local expert when it comes to siding repairs and installation. Our dedicated crews have been helping homeowners improve their homes for over 30 years and we have no plans of stopping. We are constantly adding to our inventory to offer every option to our customers and we always work to give the most affordable prices for any option. If your home needs siding repairs, trust the siding repair specialists at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. 

We Have a Solution for You!

Is your roof leaky or damaged? Do you need help designing and installing your new deck or outside lounging area? At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. we offer a range of solutions, including:

Finding the Right Siding Materials

Siding installation as part of an exterior renovation is a big decision. Not only will siding installation represent a big investment, but the new siding will also be around for decades so the choice has got to be right. One of the biggest decisions for an owner to make at the beginning of an exterior renovation is siding color and material. 

There are a variety of siding materials that have certain benefits that are popular choices for homes and businesses. Some of the options and their benefits are: 

  • Metal: Metal siding is a popular choice for industrial buildings or the now-popular modern-industrial home design. With a variety of colors and styles, metal siding can protect and enhance any public or private space. 
  • James Hardie Siding Products: Cement-reinforced fibers are molded into shapes and textures that match wood or other desired finishes. These durable panels are then installed horizontally or vertically to fit design specifications. 
  • Vinyl: A classic material, vinyl siding can be chosen to fit a variety of color schemes and texture finishes. Vinyl is easily repaired and is the cheapest option available. 
  • Wood: The original siding material, wood is prized for its beauty and eco-friendliness. Whether it is raw wood or manufactured wood, a variety of stains and seals are available. 

How is Siding Installed?

While installing the chosen siding is a big part of the process when working on an exterior renovation, it’s not the whole story. Siding is part of a hidden system that keeps the weather out of a home and siding installation during renovation is the perfect opportunity to upgrade. 

After the old siding is removed, the home is wrapped in special vapor barriers to increase energy efficiency and improve the water-shedding effects of the home. Extra insulation may also be added. Once the barrier is installed around walls, doors, and windows, the siding can be installed with all of the necessary trim to keep water away from the home. 

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