Tips For Proper Cleaning And Maintenance Of Vinyl Siding

Washington-based siding contractors share advice on keeping your vinyl siding looking brand new.

Vinyl Siding: Preventing Damage and Keeping Things Clean

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular forms of exterior siding available. It has shown and continues to show itself as a low-maintenance and durable answer to wood siding and a less expensive but attractive alternative to brick and stone siding. 

Though at this point nothing can compete with vinyl for price point, aesthetic, and durability, even vinyl siding requires a certain amount of maintenance. That’s what this article will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Maintenance and Damage Prevention

Vinyl siding is susceptible to damage whether that be from heat, puncture, or cracking. There are ways to prevent most instances of damage by keeping certain things clear of the house. Branches and creeping vines can be serious culprits of puncture damage, as well as cracking the siding by growing underneath it. 

Heat, whether it is reflected off windows or comes from HVAC units or grills, can cause warping, melting, and discoloration. Vinyl is a flammable substance as well.

Listed below are a few ways to prevent damage:

  • Trim back shrubs, plants, and trees from the sides of the house.
  • Avoid using grills or chimneys near siding.
  • If reflection is a problem, consider anti-reflective coating for windows.
  • Check for wind damage after heavy storms to catch it early and prevent further problems.

Cleaning Both Normal and Stubborn Stains

Let’s face it: once siding has been on a home for a few years, it starts to look dingy. Dust accumulates on the surface and stains from human and animal interactions become obvious. Cleaning the siding is a time-consuming task but will be worth the work in the end.

Below are a few ways to spruce up that vinyl siding.

  • Gentle Soap: A bucket of warm water and dish soap are the best combination for cleaning siding. If stains are extra stubborn, adding vinegar to the mix could help.
  • Long-Handled Brush or Sponge: You don’t need a tough brush to clean. This can actually scratch the siding. Choose a soft-bristled cleaning brush with a long handle, like those from a car wash. The handle will help improve your reach.
  • Powerwashing: Many siding companies do not recommend using a power washer. If the pressure is too high, or the nozzle is used at the wrong angle, it can force water underneath the siding and cause damage. You may need to look into whether or not it is recommended for your type of siding.

Home Renovation and Vinyl Siding Services

What if the siding is broken beyond repair and cleaning is not helping the curb appeal? It may be time to consider replacing the siding. There are many different options available. Contact a reputable siding contractor to look into the possibilities of new siding installation, whether only partial or complete. They can help you improve your curb appeal and suggest designs that may further enhance the look and feel of your home.

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