3 Easy Ways To Winterize the Home’s Exterior


Woodinville, WA home exterior professionals have important winterizing tips to share.

Winterizing Has Never Been Easier With These 3 Tips

Life gets busy and exterior home care can often get pushed to the side. However, it is just as important to take care of the exterior of the home as it is the interior, especially in the wintertime. Winterizing the exterior of the home is equivalent to yearly maintenance on any appliance within the home. If homeowners don’t take care of and winterize the exterior of their home, they will start to notice a significant decrease in the quality of things like the deck, roof, and siding. When these things are compromised, the integrity of the entire home is compromised. 

Below, there are important tips on winterizing any home’s roof, deck, and siding. 

How To Winterize the Deck

When a home has a deck, it is often the first thing that passers-by and potential buyers see when they look at the house. Therefore, the resale value, alone, is enough for homeowners to maintain the health and appearance of their deck. Not to mention it becomes a safety issue if the deck isn’t properly cared for. 

Winterizing is a must. Here is what homeowners should do to properly winterize their homes this year: 

  • Clean the deck and all of the furniture on it
  • Inspect the deck for damages
  • Repair all damages made to the deck 
  • Reseal it 
  • Lay a tarp down 
  • Clean the deck every time it snows or sleets

These things will help homeowners maintain their decks but they should also always call in a professional to ensure everything is done properly. 

How To Winterize the Roof

When it comes to the roof, homeowners should have a professional roof inspection done before the beginning of winter. During a roof, gutter, and chimney inspection, professionals will note any and all problem areas and homeowners will have them fixed, as part of the winterization process. Homeowners might also ask the professionals to check the attic as well. Doing so will ensure there aren’t any weak spots in the roof and that it is ready for winter. 

It might not seem like it but having the trees pruned is another great way to winterize the roof. Overgrown trees pose a threat to not only the roof but the entire home, so it’s important to have the trees properly cared for. 

Aside from maintaining the outside of the home, homeowners can purchase snow guards and heat cables to be a bit more proactive with the winter weather. 

Winterize the Siding With Ease

Winterizing siding can be done in a few easy steps as well, especially with the help of professionals. 

Here are a few things to remember when winterizing siding: 

  • Inspect the siding for cracks and weak spots
  • Any gaps around windows and doors should be caulked
  • Areas with old, splitting caulk should be re-caulked
  • Consider upgrading old or damaged pieces
  • Pressure wash or paint/seal the siding 

Again, many of these tasks can be handled by professionals with a simple call. Homeowners don’t have to worry about the exterior of their homes making it through the winter months once they have their decks, roofs, and siding winterized. 

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