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Looking for new exciting options for vinyl siding? Look no further than the siding contractors at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc!

Picking a siding is an important choice when it comes to keeping your home or business attractive. With multiple styles to choose from and an almost endless palette of colors and trim, new siding can completely change the curb appeal of your property. Luckily you can protect and update your home with the latest styles of vinyl siding. At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc, we are the Woodinville area’s choice for siding contractors. Our siding experts know how intimidating siding replacement or siding repair can be and we want to help make it easier for you. One call to us and our experienced siding installers will help you choose the best siding for your style and budget.

When installation cost, versatility, and maintenance cost are the essential factors, consider vinyl siding. Also, be sure to check our reviews!

Signs Your Siding Needs Replacement

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No matter what type of siding your house or business is sheathed with, it will begin to fail over time. While most methods and materials of siding can be repaired by replacing small sections of siding, eventually, the age of all of the siding will catch up, and replacement will be the only option.

But, how can you tell when your failing siding is becoming detrimental to the function of your property? Here are a few signs of flailing siding:

  • Faded Siding: Overtime, the damage done by UV rays will cause all types of siding to fade or look dingy. You can get by with repainting some types of siding every few years, but the damage is happening to the siding on a fundamental level. Eventually, the damage will get to the point that replacement is the only option.
  • Rotted Spots: Rot is common on wood-based siding products. Usually, rot starts at the bottom where water splashes up on the siding during heavy rains. As the bottom becomes compromised, the rot will work its way up the siding.
  • Interior Damage: The whole point of siding is to keep rain and moisture away from the wooden structure inside your home. When siding becomes compromised, moisture can get behind the planks. The easiest place for it to go is into your house where it can peel wallpaper and destroy insulation and drywall.
  • Dents And Dings: All siding is subject to physical damage, but metal siding is particularly vulnerable to denting. Once the metal is dented, it can’t be repaired. Usually, the only option is replacing individual planks.
  • Higher Energy Bills: When moisture is allowed to seep into the house because of failing siding, your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep up. Not only can the moisture damage your home’s interior, but the increased load on your AC will also translate to high energy costs.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is one of the best materials for siding for a variety of reasons. First, vinyl remains one of the best choices for color. During production, the color of vinyl siding is added into the mix of liquid plastic. This gives the availability of hundreds of different color options. Plus, since the color is integrated into the material, it is less likely to fade and won’t need to be repainted.

Cost is another reason that vinyl siding is so popular. Vinyl is engineered to be easy to install. Easy installation means lower cost on labor. Vinyl itself is inherently cheaper than metal and cedar siding options. Additionally, you will save money in the long-term because vinyl has virtually no maintenance cost due to its resistance to insects and mold and lack of need for repainting. The flexibility of vinyl prevents the likelihood of physical damage as well, so repairs will be less than other materials.

Finally, the versatility of vinyl cannot be overstated. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of styles and shapes to fit any design. Trim pieces can be chosen to accent certain color schemes.

Vinyl Upkeep & Maintenance Tips

Vinyl is superior to other types of siding because of the ease of maintenance. All other styles of siding will require repainting periodically, but not vinyl. At most, vinyl may require light cleaning every few years. North facing walls of any material are often subject to mold growth. A light scrubbing and rinse can usually freshen your vinyl up to a like-new condition.

Since vinyl is an engineered product, repairs and replacement can be easily done. Vinyl siding planks can be easily swapped out in the case of damage, even though damage is unlikely. If you need help repairing sections of your vinyl siding, the siding experts at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc are ready to help.

How Our Siding Contractors Can Help!

Choosing new siding should be an exciting experience full of endless opportunities. New siding is an excellent investment in your home or business because it will update the style and ensure that your structure is protected from the elements. At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc., we’ve been helping customers in the Woodinville, WA area update their home’s exteriors since 1989. Call us to see how our design team can help you fix your windows, roof, patio, and siding.

Call the experts at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc for help with all of your exterior construction needs. From siding repair to new siding installation, our team is ready to help. Call (253) 844-5141 today!

“We had the house completely re-sided with Hardie backer. The work was done in 2 days and everything was perfect. They had a great team and when questions came up they discussed it with us. I would use and recommend them to anyone.”

Murray R.
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“Communication is huge for me. They were great from start to finish. There were some delays due to products being delayed, Covid blah blah blah, but they were sure to keep me informed along the way. I change my mind about a design mid project and they had no problem re-doing it for me. Oops! Super friendly staff and owners. I highly recommend!”

- Kara P.

“We had the house completely re-sided with Hardie backer. The work was done in 2 days and everything was perfect. They had a great team and when questions came up they discussed it with us. I would use and recommend them to anyone.”

- Murray R.

“Needing a new roof, I put the job out for bid. The Colbalt Exteriors company was selected to do the job. I found the company professional not only the leadership, but the crew also. The cost was reasonable and fair. and most importantly the quality of the work was outstanding. Working with Kevin and Corbin was a pleasure.”

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