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For the best local siding installation and repair services, call the experts at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. We strive to maintain the safety and value of your home for many years to come.

When deciding on siding for your home, it is oftentimes a decision you are going to think on for a while before purchasing. Siding usually lasts many years and depending on what you buy, it can significantly impact your home’s property value. You also want to make sure you pick a material that is durable so you won’t have to waste money on repairs throughout its lifetime. Many people choose to go with fiber cement siding for their homes. There are multiple benefits associated with this type of siding material. It not only has a long lifespan and is basically weather-resistant, but it’s versatile in style and offers you a look that is quite similar to that of wood. If you are thinking about redoing the siding on your home, call us at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. We are you Woodinville, WA reliable siding company.

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What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

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Fiber cement siding is made from cement and reinforced with cellulose fibers. It performs well under pressure and is priced reasonably for how long it lasts. In areas that are prone to tornadoes or hurricanes, you will see even more homes made with this material.

Typically, this type of siding will last you around fifty years or more! Some of the advantages that come with fiber cement siding are:

  • Termite resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Rot-resistant
  • Non-combustible

It does, however, require some maintenance, including a new coat of paint every four to five years. But once it is painted, it looks very much like wood. It is crucial that this type of siding is installed correctly.

That is why you should always trust our professionals at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. we have the years of skilled and hands-on experience to get the job done right the first time. Not only that but when you choose us, you know you are getting quality materials and excellent customer service. We will treat your home as if it were our own.

The Installation Process

Installing fiber cement siding is more difficult than other materials. That is also why it is essential to know the person you hire is a professional with some experience with this type of siding. Essentially, the installation process goes as follows:

  • Building paper and trim board are installed, and stud locations are marked
  • A ¼ inch starter strip is the first thing that is installed
    • You typically want to use your most beat up pieces for this part since you’ll be cutting them up anyway.
  • The piece on top of that should hang a ¼ inch from the starter
  • This will continue throughout the installation process
  • The corners are pre-assembled for added convenience
  • The professional will cut out for windows as well

Without siding gauges, this is easily a two-person job, but the end results are worth it every time. Be sure to call Cobalt Exteriors, Inc if you have any questions about the installation process of fiber cement siding.

Common Repair Concerns for Fiber Cement Siding

Just like with any other type of siding, fiber cement siding has its downfalls as well. Overall, though, it can stand up to the toughest of situations.

That said, some of the common problems experienced with fiber cement siding are:

  • It is only water-resistant, it isn’t waterproof
  • It can be hard to paint
  • There isn’t much insulation provided
  • Depending on the color you paint it, you can tell it is fake wood
  • Needs repainted relatively often

At the end of the day, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to fiber cement siding. The Woodinville area can experience some severe weather sometimes, so it is vital to have siding you can depend on, not to mention the right company you can trust to install it for you. Cobalt Exteriors, Inc is here for you when you need it most!

Your Siding Experts

If you live in the Woodinville, WA area, look no further for your siding, roofing, and deck experts. At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc., we strive to provide you the excellent service you are looking for every time. We have been in the industry since 1989, so you can trust that we have the experience and know-how to handle anything you throw at us.

The next time you need siding installed or repaired, don’t hesitate to call our professionals at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc at (253) 844-5141! You can trust our reliability and affordable pricing, not to mention our top-rated materials.

“We had the house completely re-sided with Hardie backer. The work was done in 2 days and everything was perfect. They had a great team and when questions came up they discussed it with us. I would use and recommend them to anyone.”

Murray R.
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- Robin and Carol R.

“We had the house completely re-sided with Hardie backer. The work was done in 2 days and everything was perfect. They had a great team and when questions came up they discussed it with us. I would use and recommend them to anyone.”

- Murray R.

“Communication is huge for me. They were great from start to finish. There were some delays due to products being delayed, Covid blah blah blah, but they were sure to keep me informed along the way. I change my mind about a design mid project and they had no problem re-doing it for me. Oops! Super friendly staff and owners. I highly recommend!”

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