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Keep your home and business dry and looking great with roof installation and repair from Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. in Woodinville.

Need Help with a Roofing Installation?

Chances are good that at least once in every property owner’s life they will have to replace the roof on their home or business. While many people dread such a project, there really is no need to fret. Cobalt Exteriors, Inc is committed to getting you the roof you deserve at the prices that you need.

Since 1989, we’ve been helping local residential and commercial customers install and repair their roofs. In that time, we’ve learned what our customers need. Our process starts with a free estimate from our roofing professionals. Then we work closely with you so that you understand the process and find the product that you need. After that, we will quickly install your roof of choice and clean up the worksite. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

Cobalt Exterior Service Areas

Update Your Style with Roof Replacement

The roof of a home or business is functional in that it prevents rain from damaging the structure underneath it. But, a roof can also be an important exterior design element. So many different types of roofing materials exist now that the options are virtually limitless. As you focus on the design and look of the exterior of your property, keep in mind how big of a difference a new roof can make.

Wouldn’t your property look different with cedar shakes? Would a new standing-seam metal roof contribute to a sleek modern minimalist design? The value of a roof as a decoration is always underestimated. If it’s been a while since your roof has been updated, consider bringing your home up to date with roof replacement from Cobalt Exteriors, Inc.

Why Work with Us?

While other roofing contractors may be content to install a roof and move on, we know that’s not what makes lifelong customers. When you work with us, your satisfaction is our primary goal. Whether you simply want to have asphalt shingles installed on your home or you need our help designing special roof systems that fit your designs, we have the skills to help. See the difference that working with exterior experts can make for your plans by scheduling an estimate today!

Choosing a Company for Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is a whole different ball game than residential roofing. Numerous different types of roofing systems are used, making commercial roofing installations and repairs something that should only be done by experienced professionals. Along with the higher level of difficulty, the permitting and inspection process that usually goes along with roofing a commercial building is more tightly regulated and requires a higher level of licensing. All of this means that, as a business owner, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to keeping your workers and customers safe.

At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc, we have over three decades of commercial roofing experience. We have always sought to be the best in our industry and that means taking on the toughest jobs and exceeding our customer’s expectations. When you work with Cobalt Exteriors, Inc, you can put all of our experience to work for you and expect that the job will be done right when there is no margin for error. See why thousands of area businesses trust us for their roof installation and repair work and schedule an appointment today!

Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

Woodinville homeowners are aware of the impact that their decisions make on the environment. Luckily for them, Cobalt Exteriors, Inc has been the premier roofing supplier and installer of green roofing materials for years. If you are considering upgrading your roof, why not consider options that are proven to be reliable roofing materials as well as having less of an environmental impact?

Some of the popular local choices for eco-friendly roofing solutions are:
  • Long-lasting materials like clay or concrete tiles
  • Living green roofs
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate
  • Cedar

Is it Time for Roof Repair?

Leaks and missing shingles are obvious signs that a roof is in need of repair. However, with all of the abuse that a roof takes, there are a lot more problems that can arise with the roof. Most other signs can be subtle but the damage that can occur from them can be major. Knowing how to spot the subtler signs that a roof needs repair can help you protect your property. These signs are:

  • Musty odors from hidden leaks
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Sagging roof decking
  • Pooling water
  • Dangerous creaking during rain or wind storms

Cobalt Exteriors, Inc is the local choice for roofing contractors. Not only can we skillfully replace the outer material on your roof, but we can also address structural issues like rotting decks and sagging rafters. We even install and repair gutters, making us your one-stop-shop for all of your roofing needs.

We Have a Solution for You!

Is your roof leaky or damaged? Do you need help designing and installing your new deck or outside lounging area? At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. we offer a range of solutions, including:

Keep your property out of the weather and enhance its curb appeal with new roof installation or roof repairs. Call (253) 844-5141 to schedule a free estimate. Our exterior and roofing professionals are ready to help!