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Spruce up Lynnwood homes and businesses with exterior siding repair and installation from Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. 

The first thing that people notice when they pull up to your home or business is the attractiveness of the exterior. A beautiful exterior makes a powerful statement about the home or business that it represents and it should be given the appropriate attention that it deserves to keep it looking great.

Over time, the siding on the structure may fall into disrepair or need to be replaced altogether. When that happens, owners have some big decisions to make. 

At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. we specialize in first impressions. Our expert crews design and install roofing systems, guttering, and siding so that your home or business makes the best first impression. Take a close look at the outside of your property and determine if our crews can help with siding repair or installation. 


Why Choose Cobalt Exteriors?

Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. has been helping residential and commercial siding repair customers for over 30 years in and around Lynnwood, WA.

We tolerate nothing less than the highest levels of craftsmanship offered to you with free estimates and affordable prices. For immediate attention and long-lasting results, call our exterior experts today. 

We Have a Solution for You!

Is your roof leaky or damaged? Do you need help designing and installing your new deck or outside lounging area? At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. we offer a range of solutions, including:

Signs that Siding Repairs are Needed

Siding can take a real beating from the elements to the point that it can no longer protect the structure it covers. When this happens, it is vital that siding repairs be completed quickly to keep the property safe from wind, rain, and sunshine. Some of the signs that siding repairs are necessary are: 

  • Musty or moldy odors indoors
  • High humidity inside the home
  • Structural issues
  • Visible damage to the siding
  • Rust on metal siding 
  • Faded siding colors 
  • Mold or mildew growth 

Our teams at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. can restore the integrity of any siding system quickly.

Let our expert crews repair your siding so that your property stays protected from the elements. If weatherproofing issues are a problem around your rooflines, windows, or siding, we can offer expert help at affordable prices. 

Benefits of Professional Siding Contractors

At Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. exterior siding is one of our main trades. Often, general contractors or carpenters will offer siding repair and installation. However, they also have other specialties and responsibilities that can detract from their focus on your property. Some of the reasons to work with professional siding contractors are: 

  • Warranty: Siding products offer some of the longest warranties around. But, for warranties to be honored, most of the time, siding products must be installed by qualified siding contractors. 
  • Insurance: Homeowner’s insurance often covers siding replacement, especially in the case of damage from weather. However, to continue insuring the structure, siding installation must be done by a licensed contractor. In addition to insurance coverage, professional siding contractors also carry special insurance to protect homeowners against damage that may occur during the job. 
  • Longevity: Siding must be installed to exact specifications to ensure that its owners get their money’s worth. Professional installation ensures that the siding and the structure will last as long as they are intended. 
  • Craftsmanship: A bad siding job is visible from the street for years to come. Don’t take the risk of degrading a property with a bad siding job. Hire professionals for siding installation to get the highest level of craftsmanship. 

Let our crews upgrade the siding of your home with the best materials, including James Hardie Siding Products. Our experts can help you start the process for professional siding installation immediately.

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