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The Most Effective Ways to Protect a Home’s Siding This Winter

Believe it or not, the exterior of a home needs protection from the winter as well. The exterior of the home is really the only protection the family has against the cold weather. If the exterior of the home isn’t protected, it could leave the family inside in danger of experiencing leaks and all sorts of other problems. One of the best and easiest ways to protect the exterior of a home is with siding protection. Protecting a home’s siding from winter weather can mean one of a few things, though, and it depends on what type of siding the homeowner has.

To learn more about the different ways to protect siding from winter weather and the dangers of neglecting to do so, continue reading below.

Neglecting to Protect the Exterior Can Lead to Dangerous Conditions

Siding that isn’t protected against the winter weather is siding that is compromised as a result. Some homeowners try to save money by skipping this yearly maintenance. In all reality, they end up spending more on siding repairs and replacement once the season lets up.

Some signs of damaged siding due to winter weather are:

  • Warping
  • Peeling
  • Mildew
  • Dry rot
  • Mold

Just doing a few easy things to protect siding from the cold can prevent all of these things from happening. The holidays aren’t the time of year to run the risk of compromising the safety and efficiency of the home.

Protection Tips For Different Types of Siding

Depending on what type of siding the homeowner has, will determine what protection method is best for the home.

Vinyl: Vinyl is by far the most popular type of siding throughout America. The best way for homeowners to protect their vinyl siding from the months ahead is to first pressure wash it until it’s clean again.

Homeowners can try painting over the siding to seal it, but this will oftentimes void out the manufacturer’s warranty. Rather, homeowners can also have the siding covered for added protection.

Wood: The best way to protect wood siding is to repaint it before the cold months hit. Water is wood’s worst enemy and repainting acts as a sealant for the winter.

The Importance of Calling a Professional

It is always encouraged that homeowners call a professional before trying to protect their siding on their own. It may be possible to protect siding without the help of a professional, but it can quickly become dangerous and expensive if the homeowner isn’t experienced in this line of work.

A professional will have the job done in no time and with no stress to the homeowner!

Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. Gets the Job Done

There is no better way to ensure a home is protected this winter than by investing in professional exterior home services. The professionals at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. work hard to ensure all the residents in the area are safe from the harsh PWN winters. Call today to schedule!