Whats Trending In Modern Siding

Siding contractors of Washington fill you in on the design options for siding.

From Clean Lines to Mixing Siding Types, Modern Siding Trends Are All About Making a Statement

There used to be very few options when it came to siding a house. Wood and cedar were most often used, while brick and stone were used for support structure as much as for aesthetics. With the invention of vinyl siding, metal siding, and fiber cement siding, the possibilities for making a bold aesthetic choice for your home have increased exponentially. 

If you are considering an exterior home renovation, you should consider some of the trends that modern siding companies are seeing in the past couple of years.

Bold Colors: Brightening the Neighborhood

The color choices for siding, especially vinyl siding, have always been limited. Though wood siding could be painted just about any color, people tended to choose a more neutral palette in the range of whites, grays, and tans. This may be partially due to the upkeep that is required for wood and cedar siding. More and more often now homes are being built using siding that is unexpectedly colorful. There are many more options available that do not require a person to paint their homes every few years.

Here are a few examples of trending colors in modern siding:

  • Blues such as sky blue, turquoise, and cobalt
  • Black trim for sharp, clean lines
  • Greens are trending away from the deep hunter greens and more towards vibrant celadons and limes.
  • Reds come in shades from vermillion to russet

These bright colors can be used sparingly for a color pop that highlights certain areas of the house such as gables or bay windows.

Mixed Media: Unexpected Pairings and Usage

One of the other beauties of modern design is the use of more than one type of siding on a home, not just multiple colors. While this method has long been used, more and more variety has been showing up in modern building trends. Below are listed a few examples:

  • Vinyl Siding and Stone/Brick: This is often seen in older homes but has begun returning to trend. Originally, stone and brick were often seen as supporting layers, so the lower quarter half of the house might have brick or stone while the upper half would have wood or vinyl siding. This also saved builders money.  Modern buildings often use stone or brick as an aesthetic tool as well to highlight certain sections of the home design.
  • Vinyl and Wood: This may seem to be a strange combination considering one (vinyl) was used to replace the other(wood) in most cases. They can be complementary, making the home seem more grounded or rugged. If the upkeep or price is an issue, faux wood can be used in place of the real thing to attain the same look.
  • Vertical Siding: Changing the expected direction of the siding makes for a completely different look to a home. Some modern designs even use multiple directions on one house, following design lines with the siding directions. This definitely makes a bold statement.
  • Fiber Cement Siding: The beauty of this composite siding is that it can take on the look of basically any other siding material. That means one installation method, but the appearance can look like stone, wood, or brick. Different designs can be used on different parts of the house.

Variations on the Classics

There are some things in home building that never go out of style.  Adding windows is always encouraged for curb appeal. Likewise, cedar siding and classic colors create a look that cannot be ignored. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the classic aesthetic of stone siding. Discuss options with a reputable local contractor for siding installation.

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