What Are Some of the Benefits of a Green Roof?

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3 Major Benefits of Having a Green Roof

Green roofs have always been popular in urban environments. Now that homeowners are looking for more and more ways to live sustainably and make less of an impact on the earth, green roofs continue to gain popularity. However, much of the world is clueless as to just how many benefits this kind of roof offers.

Yes, green roofs are great for the environment, but they have numerous benefits for the homeowner as well. For instance, they can help to reduce monthly energy costs and even provide the space for the homeowner to grow their own crops and reduce their grocery costs as well. Below are three of the main benefits that green roofs provide.

Improved Air Quality

Green roofs do so much for the environment and the homeowner. One crucial benefit is just how much they can improve air quality.

Green roofs improve air quality by:

  • Removing contaminants in the air
  • Producing oxygen
  • Providing shade

Not only do plants thrive when growing on a green roof but they provide shade to the home, which also helps to reduce energy usage from the air conditioning bill each month.

Air quality is extremely important outside the home as it is inside. When the air outside is cleaner, the home’s HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to remove certain particles from the air. In turn, this can reduce the stress on the HVAC system as well.

Increased Carbon Sequestration

Increased carbon sequestration is quite possibly the single best benefit that green roofs provide. Climate change is the number one reason that homeowners are so adamant about reducing their carbon footprint and maintaining an eco-friendly home. Carbon sequestration captures a removes carbon dioxide from the air. In turn, this significantly reduces the effects that a particular home has on global climate change.

The plants capture the carbon dioxide and the soil helps to transmute it into something useful for the environment. Trees often get the most credit for this but plants help to increase carbon sequestration just as much.

Reduced Urban Heat and Increased Wildlife Habitats

Urban environments are known for absorbing and trapping heat. Green roofs are one way to combat this. Urban areas are full of concrete and have little to no grass or other natural areas. It is because of this that the heat has nowhere to go and tends to just sit in big city areas, making them hotter and more susceptible to bacteria growth and other pollution to humanity and the planet. By creating a green roof, the homeowner adds that greenery that the city craves. In turn, the heat has somewhere to get absorbed.

Not only that but green roofs provide habitats for wildlife. This is a benefit that the planet needs now more than ever. After last year’s fire disasters around the world, animals are suffering to find safe places to live. A green roof is just one way that humans can help their animal friends feel safer and happier.

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