Washington State and Roof Permit Requirements

Roofing contractors share information about building permits in Washington state.

Requirements for a Roofing Permit in the State of Washington

The only way to have a home is to have a roof. Roof leaks and repairs have their own special set of issues both inside and outside the home. When it comes to roofing replacement for a home, there is much more to think about than just purchasing materials, labor, and the timeline for completion. It is important to consider the legal side of things as well. Regulations vary from state to state, city to city, and township to township so getting the information on your local requirements is key.

Consulting with a reputable roofing company about these requirements is a good place to start. This process needs to begin before any other part of the project is even considered.

Why: Reasons a Permit is Needed

Though the state of Washington does not require a permit from the state, it requires that local governments require them. This is not just the government attempting to spy on people, it is a measure to ensure that building plans comply with safety codes. Depending on the city, there may only be a requirement for commercial building and not residential. The state is concerned with the structural integrity of buildings not only for the safety of individuals and their properties but also how their safety affects the entire community. If something should happen to your roof, you will need to be able to show a permit to receive insurance coverage for the damage.

When: Times to Get a Permit

The short answer about when to get a permit is before a project begins. Obviously, there are more details that can be discussed here. For a simple roof leak repair, no permit is needed, but there are regulations at the state and local levels that need to be addressed before a project can get started legally. A permit is needed if:

  • More than 500 square of area is being repaired.
  • It is commercial roofing.
  • It is a multi-family building.
  • It is a manufactured home.
  • There are already two layers of roofing
  • New roofing material is heavier than the old roofing.
  • It is in an “environmentally critical” area.

How: Getting the Permit

Permits are much easier to obtain now than they once were. Forms can be submitted online and there is typically a need to submit architectural plans for review by city officials. The permit can be approved as quickly as one business day after the fee is paid. Fees may be assessed as a flat rate or can depend on the size of the project and the cost.

A roof inspection may be required depending on the building in question, its use, and its location. A homeowner should consult with a roofing expert and the city or township governments if any problems come up in the process. It should not have to be a difficult or time-consuming experience.

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