Vinyl Siding Painting Vs Replacing

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Painting Vinyl Siding Vs. Replacement

Vinyl siding is one of the most common exteriors use for the modern home. It has many great benefits that homeowners look for, including affordability and durability. It is no surprise that vinyl siding lasts many years with little maintenance but how are homeowners supposed to know when it’s time for a replacement? Sure, they can call their local professional to get expert advice, or they can simply read this article!

Below are all the pros and cons of painting vinyl siding vs. replacing it. Sometimes painting the siding can really help it last longer and can help the homeowner save a few bucks. However, there comes a time when replacement is ultimately necessary.

Factors To Consider Before Painting or Replacing

Deciding whether to paint the home’s vinyl siding or go ahead and replace it can be a difficult decision to make. The last thing anyone wants to do is leave their home susceptible to damage because they decided to paint rather than replace it.

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • The siding’s age: If the siding is older than 20 years old, it is time for a replacement.
  • The Siding’s Current Condition: If there are a few noticeable damages including buckles and gaps, it is better to replace the siding.
  • The Cost: Replacement usually costs more than painting.
  • Is It Under Warranty: If the siding is under warranty, replacement is the best option.
  • The Home’s Value: If the homeowner is trying to sell the home, they must decide whether painting or replacement is a better value for them. Painting siding alone can help increase property value by up to five percent.

Pros and Cons of Painting

Just like anything, painting vinyl siding has its definite pros and cons.

Here are some of the pros of painting vinyl siding:

  • It tends to be more cost-effective
  • Serves as great maintenance for the siding
  • Keeps the siding looking new, longer
  • Keeps bugs from hurting the siding
  • Adds a layer of protection

The main con of painting is that homeowners can only do it so much. After a few times of painting the siding, it no longer does the trick to refreshing the home and making the siding appear new again. Age also has a lot to do with this. After a certain age, it is just better to replace the siding entirely.

It’s also important to note that painting the siding while it is under warranty will void the warranty.

Pros and Cons of Replacement

Siding replacement has its pros and cons as well.

Here are some of the pros of siding replacement:

  • Increases the property value tenfold
  • Oftentimes replacement can be covered under warranty
  • Provides a layer of protection that painting cannot
  • Lasts longer than painting
  • Less room for error when replacing

The cons of replacement include:

The biggest con of replacement is the cost. It is far cheaper to paint vinyl siding than it is to replace it. Replacing siding also temporarily exposes the home to the elements until the professionals can get the new siding put on. That said, all professionals will provide a temporary layer of protection over the home until they can finish the job, and most professionals get the job done rather quickly.

All in all, siding replacement is usually the best bet because it ensures the home is nearly brand new once again.

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