This Is Why Roofing Contractors Need Insurance

Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. in Woodinville explains the importance of hiring an insured roofing contractor.

3 Important Reasons Why Roofing Contractors Need Insurance

The home is a sacred space. It provides necessary shelter and protection as well as memories that literally last a lifetime. It is important for families to always have a home that works efficiently and effectively protects them from harsh weather conditions. That’s why the person a homeowner hires to work on their roof must be experienced in the field. Not only that, but the contractor must be insured. Whether the contractor is a family friend or not, insurance is always a must. Roofing is a dangerous job. Just like a roof is a necessary protection for the home, insurance is a necessary protection for the contractor and the homeowner.

There are three main reasons why a roofing contractor must always have insurance, so continue reading to learn more.

It’s Required in Most States

The first and most important reason that every roofing contractor homeowners hire should have insurance is because it is required by law in most states that every roofing contractor at least has liability insurance.

Insurance not only protects the worker but the homeowner and the house as well. Unforeseen problems and accidents occur during roofing jobs. No one likes to see it happen but it is crucial to always be covered just in case of an accident.

If the contractor isn’t covered and they get hurt on the job, they will almost always contact the homeowner for compensation afterward. Medical bills get expensive and the contractor might not have planned to get hurt on the job, but they will almost always try to get help from the homeowner to cover medical costs. Some might even go as far as to sue the homeowner for damages.

It is vital that homeowners always ask to see the contractor’s proof of insurance before the job starts. The homeowners should also check the expiration date to ensure the card is still active.

Insured Contractors Are Reputable

When a contractor doesn’t have insurance, it makes the entire experience seem a little less professional. So many roofing contractors in the industry are more than happy to show their customers proof of insurance, that when one contractor doesn’t have insurance or won’t show proof, they automatically become less reputable.

Customer reviews are everything in today’s day and age. More often than not, it will be written in a previous customer review if the contractor tried to do a job without insurance coverage.

Typically, it’s the homeowners trying to save a quick buck that ends up spending more on medical bills or damages to the home because the contractor wasn’t covered by insurance.

Gives All Parties Peace of Mind

All in all, insurance just gives everyone involved the peace of mind that accidents and injuries are covered if need be.

The possible risks include:

  • Damage to home
  • Injury to contractor or homeowner
  • Damage to the car or other assets

Above all else, no insurance usually means the contractor doesn’t have a valid license either.

Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. Keeps Families Safe

When Woodinville homeowners have a roofing emergency, the last thing they have to worry about at Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. is insurance. They are skilled and experienced professionals that always stay up-to-date on their licensing and insurance. They care about their customers and work hard to provide the best care possible. Call today to schedule!