Things To Consider Before Installing a Skylight 


Woodinville, WA roofing specialists want to talk about skylight installation tips for homeowners. 

3 Considerations To Take Before Installing a Skylight 

Making decisions to change a home’s exterior can be tough. It is important to be as informed as possible before making any decisions, especially when it comes to installing a skylight on the roof. There are certain considerations to think about. If homeowners don’t, they could end up paying more in their energy bill each month. Contrarily, when a skylight is installed properly, these considerations could lead to numerous benefits. Continue reading below to get more information on the proper considerations to take and the benefits a skylight can provide. 

The Benefits of Installing a Skylight 

To begin, a skylight – when installed in the proper place – can add numerous different benefits to the home. Of course, interior design might be one of the most obvious benefits that homeowners can think of. Many homeowners initially decide they want a skylight because they have a specific interior design vision for their home. 

There are other benefits as well, though. Some of the most common include: 

  • Added natural light
  • Added natural space
  • Fresh air 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Savings on the energy bill
  • Increased value of the home 

It is important that homeowners hire a trusted professional to install their skylight to ensure they receive the maximum benefits. The professional will know all of the considerations to think about and bring them up to the homeowner. 

Common Considerations Before Installing a Skylight

Professionals may know what considerations to think about, but homeowners might not. It is crucial that homeowners know as well because it can not only save them time overall but will ensure that they choose the right placement and type of skylight for their home. 

Some of the common considerations include: 

  • The Placement of the Skylight: The placement controls what type of solar heat homeowners allow into as well as the type of natural light they can expect to receive. The wrong placement could end up increasing their energy usage. 
  • Fixed or Vented: A vented skylight will allow for more fresh air into the home. A fixed skylight is more about adding natural light and the homeowners that are really only looking to increase the value of the home’s interior design. 
  • Glass or Plastic: Glass skylights are more expensive but plastic skylights tend to get discolored over time and even scratched. 
  • Flat or Domed: The domed skylight ensures that leaves and other debris won’t cover their skylight in the fall months. The same can be said for snow. Flat skylights tend to get covered up and need to be cleaned off. 

How To know If a Skylight is Compatible With Certain Types of Roofs 

This is something that the homeowner will want to talk with the professional about before installation. It is technically true that any type of roof can have a skylight installed. However, there are some roofs that are a little harder to install. 

One roofing consideration to think about is how flat the roof is. The flatter the roof, the more susceptible the skylight is to being covered up, for example. Flatter roofs also require special installation techniques, which could cost the homeowner more than they expected. 

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