Should Homeowners Upgrade to a Metal Roofing System?

Roofing Experts in Woodinville, WA Share the Benefits of Metal Roofing Installations

Metal roofing has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Whether homeowners are attracted to the way that they look or to the many advantages of metal roofing, homeowners have been having them installed more and more. In fact, metal roofing is now the second highest-selling type of roofing (coming in just behind asphalt shingles).

This is likely due to the fact that metal roofs are just trendy looking. These aren’t the old tin roofs anymore, they now come in over 100 different colors and hues and a variety of different shapes. They are also available not only in tin, but also in copper, aluminum, zinc, and galvanized steel.

The Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has many other advantages in addition to simple attractiveness. Some of the perks you can expect with metal roofing installation service include:

  • Metal roofing is both long-lasting and durable: In fact, most homeowners state this fact as the main reason they are choosing metal roofs over any of the other options. Most will last around 60 years, on average. When contrasted with an asphalt shingle roof, which lasts about 15 years, the benefit is obvious. They are also much stronger, able to withstand 140 miles per hour gusts of wind.
  • Metal roofing is environmentally friendly: Asphalt shingle roofs rely on petroleum, which requires fossil fuels to create. They also need to be replaced much more frequently, so the shingles ultimately end up in landfills all across the country. In contrast, metal roofs are often made of at least partially recycled materials and can be installed directly over the asphalt shingles so they don’t need to be thrown away.
  • Metal roofing is energy-efficient: The metal soaks up both the heat and the cold, which means the home’s monthly heating and cooling bills will go down significantly (sometimes up to 25%).

The Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

However, metal roofs do have disadvantages as well.

  • Metal roofing is expensive: This is one of the biggest deal-breakers for homeowners because the cost of installation can be great (up to 10 times are expensive as an asphalt shingle roof). Labor is also costly. It is important for homeowners to remember that, although the cost of metal roof installation is pricey, the cost will be recouped (plus some) over time.
  • Metal roofing can be dented: While it does take some effort (like from a falling tree branch or large hail), it is possible. This will depend on the type of metal roofing that the homeowner chooses. Ask the installer to help guide you to the material that is right for the specific area the home is located in.
  • Metal roofing is noisy: This is especially true during a storm. However, there are ways for the homeowner to add additional insulation, and some people actually really enjoy the sound of the rain on a metal roof.

So, when a homeowner has weighed all of the pros and cons of metal roofing and decided that it is the right choice for their home, contact Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. They are experienced in metal roof installation and can help guide homeowners toward the best choice for their particular situation.

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