Roof Designs and Materials: Trends That Are Carrying The Washington Housing Market

Washington- based roofing contractors look for the best roofs in the area.

What are the Roof Styles That Buyers Want?

When a person is looking for a new home there are many factors to consider, but the roof should be one of the first. Without proper roofing, a home cannot last long. As the sale of houses continues at a furious pace, there are many options to look for when it comes to the style and makeup of the home. This article will break down a few of the most popular choices in roofing types. 

Roof Style Trends

Roofing styles are as varied as the homes that they protect. As with any feat of engineering, there are positives and negatives that come with any design choice, but they fit different types of needs.  Listed below are some of the most popular choices for modern roofs:

  • Gable: This is the traditional triangular roof with flat sides. It is a simple, but strong and effective structure that provides a modicum of attic storage. The gabled roof does well in areas with a lot of precipitation because it provides an angle for runoff. 
  • Hipped: The hipped roof is commonly seen on suburban houses. Instead of two rectangular sides, the hipped roof has four sides that meet at a single ridge. The peaks/joining angles of the roof are called hips. This is a good choice for areas with rain and snow and it uses fewer materials than a gabled roof but offers less attic space. 
  • Barn: The barn roof has four rectangular pieces, two making the peak at a wider angle and connecting to another panel that sits at a sharper angle. 
  • Combination: This sort of roof is probably the most common in modern home building. It includes hips, valleys, dormers, and gables.

The Best in Roof Materials

The top layer of the roof is more than just aesthetic and choosing one material over another can make a big difference in how long the roof will last. There will be inherent downsides that come with each particular material, but they all have a long list of positive points in their favor.

  • Asphalt: This is the most common material used for roofs today. It comes in a wide variety of color choices and is probably the least expensive choice as it is readily available. It lasts around 20 years and can be fairly easily repaired in patches.
  • Metal: Metal roofs are becoming a more popular choice due to their durability. It has as much variety as asphalt shingles but lasts 2 to 3 times as long. Metal roofing lasts for 50 years or more. It has long been a good choice for commercial roofing, but it is increasingly widespread in the residential market. 
  • Tile: Tile roofing is an eye-catching material choice that lends an old-world style to even the most postmodern home. It is also incredibly durable with a 50 plus year lifespan. It can be difficult to repair small patches of the roof because of the interlacing nature of the tiles.
  • Slate: Slate roofs are the most expensive but also the most durable option. Roof maintenance is almost nonexistent as a slate roof lasts for more than one hundred years. It is also heavy because it is rock. A slate roof needs extensive support to prevent collapse.

Roof Repair and Inspection

If you are looking at a new home purchase or looking into selling your home, it is a good time to bring in a roofing company for an inspection. A roof inspection will not only give the condition of the roof but may be helpful in finding a roof leak that has gone unnoticed. A quick roof leak repair may be the solution, or it may be time for a full roof replacement. 

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