Look Out for These Warning Signs of Scamming Roofers

Washington roofing contractors give advice on how to pick the best roofing company for the job.

When it comes to looking for someone who can do roofing repair or roofing replacement, there are an overwhelming number of people who claim to do the work. However, not everyone who claims to do roof repair is qualified to do it. There are people who use bad practices to trick people into giving them money and there are those who simply don’t know how to do the work properly which will result in more expense later. 

This article will outline a few things that are definite warning signs of poor practice.

What Good Contractors Won’t Do That These Guys Do

Good contractors will provide you with all the information you need. They will be able to explain anything in their estimate and break it down line by line. A great contractor is willing to wait on you to make all the decisions you need to make before beginning any project. Here are a few things that a reputable contractor will never do:

  • Refuse to Provide Portfolio: Any contractor who is unwilling to share about their previous work is likely hiding something. They should be proud of their work and use it as a selling point.
  • Refuse to Provide License Number, Insurance Information, or References: Someone who does not have these things should not be doing your work for you. If they do not have a license and insurance, they are not a real contractor
  • High-Pressure Contracts: If a supposed roofer is rushing a homeowner into a contract, they may be conducting something shady. This is especially true if they are unwilling to provide an estimate or roof inspection first or want payment upfront. 
  • Payment Upfront: While many contractors ask for a deposit in order to purchase roofing supplies, they should never ask for 50% or more upfront. They may take the money and run. 
  • Create Very Low or Very High Estimates: If the estimate seems too good to be true, it likely is. An exorbitant estimate may be overstating damage.
  • Go Silent: If a homeowner asks questions and the “contractor” goes silent, this is definitely a red flag. Contractors should be willing to answer any questions you have about their practices.

How To Spot Shoddy Work

If a contractor seems to be on the up and up, and they begin work there are a few things to look for that may tell you they are cutting corners in their work. Roofing is a process that requires method and precision. Even a minor mistake can turn into a major problem later.

Here are some warning signs in a roofers work:

  • Leaving the underlayer exposed for extended periods
  • Leaving open roofing materials lying around the worksite
  • Dents or scratches in metal paneling
  • Exposed roof edges
  • Gaps in placement
  • Poor flashing installation

Choosing a Great Roofer

The biggest piece of advice for finding the right contractor is to do your research. Ask people for recommendations, look for awards, and always check licensing information online. Schedule a consultation with each roofer before making a final decision. This will give you as the homeowner peace of mind and the best possible results.

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