Practical Siding Solutions: Causes and Prevention of Warped Vinyl Siding

Washington-based siding contractors provide information on common causes of warped siding and their solutions.

What’s Warping My Siding?

Vinyl siding is an attractive, reasonably-priced, and easily installed way to protect the outside of a home. For the most part, it is durable and fade-resistant, so homeowners can forego the task of regularly painting a home’s exterior. But what happens if the side of the house begins buckling or warping like a Salvador Dali painting. Not only is this damage to the siding a problem for curb appeal, but it can also lead to structural damage if it is not taken care of.

What Causes Siding to Buckle?

The main culprit responsible for siding that is twisting, bubbling, or wavy texture in vinyl siding is the sun. Because vinyl is really just a form of plastic, it can be melted by extreme conditions of light and heat. 

Therefore, most of the problems like this happen in summer. Heat, however, is not the only reason for damaged siding. Here are a few more enemies in the war against warped siding:

  • Moisture: If there is a water leak, either from pipes inside the home, or a vulnerable area on the exterior that allows water from the outside in, there is potential for siding damage as well as other interior structural damage.
  • Plants: Vines and weeds tend to have great ingenuity when it comes to finding small spaces to creep into and grow. This can cause the siding to pop off, break, or warp under the pressure. 
  • Outdoor Kitchens: If a grill is too close to the side of the house, the intense heat can cause the siding to melt. 
  • Pests: Whether of the insect or rodent or winged variety, animals will exploit any weakness in siding to try to find a hidey-hole.
  • Poor Installation:  If the previous siding installation was done in a slipshod fashion, it can result in future problems.

Solutions for Warped Siding

Vinyl siding cannot be reshaped or repaired in a satisfactory way. Replacement is the only path forward. Since there is no repair solution for vinyl siding, and replacement is the only option, what can be done to prevent this sort of damage? 

While it would be impossible to map your home’s sun exposure, there are several steps that can be taken to prevent future warping occurrences.

  • Find the right siding company
  • Choose light-colored siding
  • Keep plants trimmed around the home
  • Consider an alternative type of siding for home renovation

Vinyl Siding Alternatives

While vinyl is still the most popular type of siding due to its versatility and price point, there are now many more options than there were even just a few short years ago. Consulting with a reliable siding service company may help you determine what is available in your area is always a good idea. 

The classic cedar siding or wood siding can be a great rustic look. Composite siding in a variety of colors and patterns is becoming more and more popular with builders. Another traditional alternative is stone siding which is perhaps costly, but adds to insulation and needs little upkeep.

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