Make Plans to Update Your Home This Year

Home exterior experts in Woodinville give homeowners advice about planning for home improvement projects this year.

The new year is the perfect time for homeowners to look forward to the coming year and start making plans to improve their homes. Investing in your home is one of the most important choices that you can make. Making decisions about what to do deserves to be given plenty of thought so that you can decide what is the best way to spend your money.

Luckily, improving the look of your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Projects can be planned for in phases to make dramatic improvements to your property that are also easy on your budget. Here are a few ideas to consider when it comes to improving the look of the exterior of your home.

Start with a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the simplest ways to dramatically upgrade the exterior of a home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Exterior paint is the first line of defense between your house and nature. It takes a lot of abuse in the form of extreme temperatures, exposure to the elements, and UV light. As a result, after just a few years the paint can start looking dingy and drab or may even be compromised to the point that the elements start to damage your home.

Painting the exterior of your home is a quick way to freshen it up. It gives you the opportunity to change colors if you decide that’s what you want. But, even sticking with the same color and freshening it up will give it a dramatic boost.

Painting trim is a good way to make your home stand out. Whether or not you want to change the color, painting the trim a new color can totally change the appeal of your home. This can be done as part of a larger painting project or simply as a project all its own.

Improve the Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is simply a catchy term that means improving a home’s first impression. The exterior of the home is always the first thing that people see when they pass by or drive up to visit. There are many ways to improve the curb appeal of a home that can be expensive or cheap. Some ideas are:

  • New landscaping
  • Add patios or decks
  • Upgrade outdoor lighting
  • Fix the roof
  • Get new windows
  • Clean or update gutters

Update or Repair the Roof

The coming of the New Year means that winter will be over and warmer temperatures will return. The cold and wet weather of the winter can be hazardous to your home’s roof so springtime makes the perfect time to schedule roof repair or inspections. Keeping your roof up to date will ensure that no damage has occurred in the winter that could lead to damage when the rains return.

Springtime is also a great time to consider a new roof. Scheduling a new roof installation can give you decades worth of peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from the damage that the weather can cause.

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