Learning All About Roof Flashing

Woodinville, WA roofing specialists want to share important tips about roof flashing with homeowners.

Roof Flashing: What Is It?

Roof flashing is one of the best ways to protect any roof from water damage. It is a thin material most often made from galvanized steel. Typically, professionals will place the flashing anywhere the roof meets a vertical wall. Doing so helps to redirect the water away from those critical areas, keeping it dry and damage-free. There are a few different areas on a roof that would require flashing in order to efficiently protect the roof from water damage.

In this article, there is not only more detail about where and how flashing protects roofs but also details for roof flashing maintenance and whether or not replacement is possible.

How It Protects the Roof

Continuous roof flashing protects the joint between a vertical wall and a sloped roof. Similar to how caulk is used to seal around windows, roof flashing seals edges of the roof so water can’t get underneath of it. It is at these perpendicular angles where the most water leaks through.

Some different areas of the roof that require flashing are:

  • Roof edges
  • Side walls
  • Front walls
  • Valleys
  • Vents
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys

The flashing is typically applied under the roofing felt with the eaves and over the felt with the rakes.

Is It Possible To Replace?

Roof flashing can be replaced and sometimes needs to be. It is important that homeowners are aware of the signs that it is time to replace their roof flashing.

Some common signs include:

  • Shingle issues
  • Roof age
  • Corroded flashing
  • Noticeable cracks
  • Water damage

When it’s time to replace roof flashing, a few rows of shingles will most likely need to be replaced along with it. The old caulk has to be chipped away as well but the entire process usually goes pretty quickly when homeowners hire a trusted roofing contractor.

If the entire roof is old, it might be best to replace the whole thing. If homeowners decide not to, the hardest part of the process is sometimes trying to find shingles that match the old shingles. Sometimes companies stop making certain colors and types of shingles.

Roof Flashing Maintenance

Roof flashing maintenance is something that every homeowner should have done periodically. It is especially necessary after a big wind or thunderstorm. During roof flashing maintenance, the professionals check the entire roof for things like cracking, peeling, missing beads, and pitted spots.

It is ideal to have roof flashing maintenance done before any damages occur but if homeowners notice water damage to their roof and home, they should call a roofing contractor right away for an inspection. The last thing anyone wants is to have to replace things inside the home because their roof flashing wasn’t professionally maintained or replaced in time.

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