Gutter Cleaning & Repair: Tips to Save Money


Cobalt Exteriors, Inc. experts share some of the best tips to save money on gutter cleaning and repair.

What Do Gutters Actual Do

Gutter maintenance is not something that most people have at the forefront of their minds when they become homeowners. As long as you keep up with the maintenance of gutters, they never have to be anything more than an afterthought. Letting them lapse into a state of excessive debris, however, will lead to clogs and possible gutter damage – which is the start down a path that could lead to possible damage.

The main purpose of gutters is to divert runoff rainwater or melting snow down its channel to a down chute that leads to a safe area away from your home. This keeps water from dripping directly off your roof down the side of your house, right around the ground containing the foundation of your home. Without a properly functioning gutter system, the runoff that is dripping down can stain the side of your home, damage paint, cause soil erosion, damage the foundation and lead to flooding.

Keeping gutters clean will help you avoid costly repairs to them, or even more costly house repairs the lack of gutters could cause.

Common Signs Gutter Need Cleaning or Repair

There are some common and obvious signs that you may need to clean or repair the gutters. The list below will give you some of the most common issues.

  • Excess Water – If water suddenly starts overflowing the gutter channels, there is most likely a clog in the down chute you should investigate. If you start to see standing water on your roof or near the foundation of your house, there is most likely some issue with the gutters to investigate.
  • Animal and Plant Life – Gutters do not normally house anything bigger than an insect here or an arachnid there. If you notice rodents or birds making frequent and extensive trips into your gutter system, there is likely a lot of debris that they are coming back to time and again to make their homes.
  • Stains – Marking, chipping or stains near the gutter or roofline of the house can be coming from the water that is flowing over the gutters and down the siding.
  • Sagging and/or Pulling – Gutters should be tight to the house and all one level. If you notice any portions sagging or pulling away, then there is most likely a heavy blockage in that area that is causing the issue that needs to be cleaned out.

Gutter Maintenance – Best Practices

There is no steadfast rule as to how often gutters should be cleaned. It is highly recommended that they are cleaned out at least twice a year. If you think you will have issues remembering this task, then it may help you to put it as a task for larger seasonal projects you may do around the house.

Cleaning the gutters twice a year when you do a big yard pickup, winterize your house, clean a pool, change the smoke detector batteries – any other tasks that you do around the house on a semi-regular basis.

It is also wise to check the gutters after any big storms. Remember if there is debris on the ground, there is most likely some in the gutters. It is easier to clean the debris out at the time rather than let it accumulate to the point where you have to spend a lot of money to fix it.

When An Expert is Needed

For over 30 years, Cobalt Exteriors Inc. has offered quality and affordable gutter installation and repair services in the Woodinville area. We pride ourselves on offering the best service with top of the line products and prices that won’t break your budget. Give Cobalt Exteriors Inc. a call to see how they can help you!