Add Some Charm To Your Exterior with Cedarwood Siding


Siding Experts servicing Seattle, WA Discuss Installing Cedar Siding To Your Home

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. As your landscape begins to gain color again you may be looking at your home and wondering what you can do to kick up its curb appeal another notch this year.  If you find yourself wanting to install new siding to your home, consider cedar siding to add some added warmth and charm!

When making your decision, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of any home improvement project. Here are some facts about cedar siding:

The Benefits of Cedar Siding

Cedarwood is not like other siding materials. As a low-density softwood, cedar is perfect for construction, durable enough that it can be left untreated if that is your preference and a great source of thermal and noise insulation. But its functionality isn’t its only attribute. It is also an eco-friendly alternative excellent for a green home and its style is timeless.

A house is a reflection of the people that call it home. Whether you’re traditional or more of a modern family, you can find yourself being drawn to the eye-catching natural beauty of wood siding. The warmth of cedarwood’s natural color blends in well with nature, and depending on your individual taste it can be painted and stained, as well. Another perk is the endless styles you can choose from: bevel, channel, tongue and groove, traditional shingles and more! The possibilities are endless.

Cedar Siding Maintenance

Once you have decided on cedarwood for your home, you have one more decision to make which will impact the amount of maintenance that it requires: to treat or not to treat. Although cedar is long-lasting, by choosing to keep it natural and untreated you may run the risk of weathering leading to the wood losing its original color and feel.

Homeowners usually opt into treating the wood with their choice of stain or paint. This is great news for anyone that wants to customize the look of the siding all the more! By treating the wood you are protecting it from the elements, minimizing its exposure to moisture and risks of weathering, while also enhancing its appearance.

Treating the wood does require more maintenance in order to keep it looking good as new. This means you may have to re-stain or re-paint often. If you choose to leave it untreated because you enjoy a more rustic curb-appeal, the maintenance is no different than how it would be for any other material. Pressure cleaning annually will keep it looking fresh!

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