3 Tips To Extend the Lifespan of Commercial Roofs

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Keep That Commercial Roof Longer With 3 Easy Tips

Not all roofs are created equal. Therefore, some roof lifespans are longer than others because they are more durable to weather and natural wear and tear. Still, there is a way to extend the lifespan of any commercial roof. These are tips that every business owner and homeowner needs to know because they can potentially save them and their business thousands of dollars. Roofs are expensive, but with three easy tips, business owners can do more now to help extend the life of their roofs. All of the tips are easy to do and most of them only require the person to make a phone call. The professional can do the rest.

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Watch the Weather

Roofs are pretty weather-resistant. They can handle a lot, but sometimes the weather can be a bit too much and cause damages. This typically happens during a rain or wind storm. If business owners get into the habit of checking their roofs just after a storm, it could minimize the damages that occur.

Letting damages go unnoticed can quickly get worse and even allow water in during storms. Not only that but it adds more stress onto the roof itself which can hurt its lifespan.

Before going out to check the roof, it is important that business owners know the safest way to do so. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure to always have someone there to hold the ladder and help wherever needed
  • Wait until it’s no longer raining, windy, or lightning
  • Place a ladder on the ground and climb up
  • Stay on the ladder, rather than climbing onto the roof
  • Check for missing shingles, cracked shingles, and debris

If business owners see anything out of the ordinary, they should call in a professional as soon as possible. Of course, if the business is big enough, it might be easier to hire a contractor to come out and ensure everything is in order.

Professional Cleaning

Aside from monitoring it during and after severe weather, the roof also wants to be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. The roof is so vital to the overall integrity and security of the business – taking care of it is the best way to ensure it won’t cause problems during its life and will live long.

Professional cleaning can be done during the annual or bi-annual maintenance tune-up. Business owners might also choose to have the roof cleaned after every large storm. The roof can never be too clean but only requires two cleanings per year to ensure it has a long and efficient life. The professional cleaning also keeps the gutters cleaned.

Professional Inspections

Alongside professional cleaning, roof inspections are necessary as well. Many professionals recommended that business owners have their roofs professionally inspected twice a year. Preferably, the business owner has it done every spring and fall to ensure the roof is prepared for the harsh season ahead.

Regular professional roof inspections are the number one way to keep from having surprise breakdowns and to try to extend the life of the roof. Not to mention the fact that they end up saving the business owner some money on repair bills and potentially the heating and cooling costs as well.

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