3 Things To Always Ask a Siding Contractor Before Hiring

Woodinville, WA siding professionals have important information to share about hiring contractors.

Hiring Contractors Is Tricky: Simplify With These Tips

When it is a homeowner’s first time looking for a siding contractor, the decision can be stressful. Sometimes, it is best to call a top-rated company that is out of state, just to get their opinion on what types of things to look for in a contractor. They might even have recommendations near the homeowner’s location. There is another option, however. There are three questions that every homeowner needs to ask the contractor before hiring them. Of course, asking the contractor how experienced they are is always at the top of the list. However, these three questions should never be forgotten either.

Below are each of the three questions and an explanation of why it is so important to ask before hiring.

1. Do They Use Sub-Contractors

It is important for the homeowner to know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they hire a contractor. Some contractors will take on new work, only to sub-contract it to other contractors. Oftentimes contractors will choose to do this when they are extremely busy and want to keep the homeowner satisfied. Most of the time the contractor will hire a sub-contractor they trust because it is the contractor’s name on the line at the end of the day.

Regardless, it is always best to ask the contractor this question before hiring them because it is best to stay as informed as possible when it comes to the liability of having people work on someone’s property.

Keeping that in mind, homeowners might also want to follow up by asking the contractor if the sub-contractors are covered under his insurance policy. The last thing someone wants as a homeowner is a surprise medical bill or even a lawsuit for not allowing someone to work on their home without insurance.

2. Do They Have a Valid License To Do Siding In This State?

Believe it or not, some contractors will try to do work with an expired or invalid professional license. It is also common for a contractor to try to work with an out-of-state license for whatever reason. Maybe they recently moved and haven’t had the chance to get a new license before needing to work.

Regardless of the excuse, it is crucial not to hire a contractor with an out-of-date or out-of-state license. In fact, this is so important, that homeowners should even ask to see the license for further proof that it is valid in their state. This might seem forward, but it is the only way to ensure that the homeowner isn’t at risk for paying any unnecessary out-of-pocket costs.

3. What Are the Payment Expectations?

It is essential to keep this question broad because it opens up the table for a more in-depth conversation about the financial aspect of the project. This is often the most important subject matter to the homeowner anyway, so it’s important to hire a contractor that is transparent about it.

The contractor’s answer could also give the homeowner a clue as to whether or not the person is trying to scam them. There are some people out there that say they are reputable contractors, but then they ask the homeowner to pay the entire job upfront. A reputable contractor will never do this. Rather they will only ask for partial payment upfront because they want the homeowner to know that they can be trusted just as much as they trust the homeowner will pay the remainder at the completion of the job.

Other financial questions to consider:

  • What is the cost of labor?
  • How many team members will work on the project? – This affects payroll, which affects the price.
  • Are there financing options available?
  • Is the estimate free?
  • Are there any surprises with the bill?

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