3 Important Roofing Questions Answered

Home exterior professionals in Woodinville, WA have important answers for homeowners about their roofs.

Is It Time To Repair, Patch, or Replace?

When buying a home, the condition may or may not be one of the first things potential homeowners ask. It is important to know the condition of the roof before moving in but it’s also not something that usually needs attention right away. Roofs tend to last decades without any need for repair but sometimes surprises strike. Maybe a big storm rolled through and a tree branch damaged the roof. Maybe an animal got up there and had a hay day. Whatever the issue is, it is important that homeowners know the difference between needing a few repairs, a roof patch, or a complete roof replacement. There’s no reason a homeowner should have to pay for a whole new roof when the problem could be fixed with a few minor repairs.

Professionals want to make sure homeowners are prepared! Continue reading to learn all about roof repairs and replacement.

When To Repair the Roof

Some professionals might try to tell homeowners that roofing repairs are too extensive and they should just invest in replacing the entire thing. However, if the roof hasn’t reached its lifespan yet, a homeowner can more than likely get away with simply repairing the roof.

Some signs that it’s time to repair the roof are:

  • There are a few spots where the shingles are bad or missing
  • The attic has a leak
  • The energy bill has increased
  • There is staining or peeling paint

All of these things are easily repaired for a fraction of the price it would take to replace the entire roof.

When To Patch

Patching a roof is a type of roof repair, technically. If there are just one or two spots on the roof that need some work, this is known as patching. Basically, if most of the roof needs to be repaired but the roof isn’t that old, to begin with, then an overall repair is still worth the effort.

If something happened like a storm came through and messed up a spot or two on the roof, homeowners are advised to have these spots patched before they get out of hand and cause leakage in the attic, as mentioned above.

Sometimes shingles get damaged or the fascia starts to come off. In this case, a professional can spot repair and have the problem eradicated in no time at all and for a cheap price!

Signs It’s Time To Replace the Roof

Of course, there does come a time when the entire roof should be replaced. Typically, the roof’s age is the biggest deciding factor of when the roof should be replaced. Not only that but if homeowners find they constantly have to repair their roof, it is probably best to go ahead and replace it. They will likely save money replacing the entire roof rather than fixing problems once a year.

Unfortunately, some of the common signs that it’s time for a roof replacement are identical to those that indicate it’s time for a patch or repair. However, the main difference is how often the roof needs to be repaired and how much of the roof is damaged, along with how old the roof is.

It is important that homeowners call a professional they can trust to give them the best advice on which option is best for them.

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